Quality Index™

We enable you adopt customer-focused and quality compliance approaches which result in realizing significant and exponential business growth in fresh fruits and vegetables sector.

If you are importer-buyer/exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables expect business growth and produce quality confidence with us.


Our quality inspectors conduct quality inspections upon arrival of containers for you to have fast hand information on freshness and quality of your fruits or vegetables. This allows you to check if you are still in compliance with your client requirements. Though you may have established trust with your client, sometimes there are rejections of your produce; in this case our inspectors investigate if claims or rejections have basis or no and we produce report.

If you are a logistic company or insurer we have solutions to deal with claims and dispute by investigating the nature of claims or revising quality surveys previously done then establish the facts.

Because we are fresh fruits and vegetables quality survey experts and consultants, you should put quality concerns aside.

Contact our office in Spain or Saudi Arabia at info@qualityindex.eu for advisory and service inquiry.