We enable you adopt customer-focused and quality compliance approaches which result in realizing significant and exponential business growth in trade of fresh products (fruits and vegetables) and other perishables.

Quality Index Agro™ is  an international consulting company specialized in quality control advisory (for fresh fruits and vegetables and other perishables including high-value agricultural products).  Quality Index Agro™ is  already synonymous of excellent produce quality and post-harvest management, third party accurate quality control/surveys and global produce trade advisory  go-to company serving operators in the entire value and supply chain.



Our quality inspectors conduct quality inspections upon arrival of containers/trucks for you to have fast hand information on freshness and quality of your fruits or vegetables. This allows you to check if you are still in compliance with your client requirements. Though you may have established trust with your client, sometimes there are rejections of your produce; in this case our inspectors investigate if claims or rejections have basis or no and we produce report so you an discuss with your client with accurate information on the cargo. 


Traders or distributors buy from growers around the world. As fresh produce market is very demanding today than it used to be and your suppliers do everything to make their produce appealing to you, in this industry you need to have your eye on ground. Quality Index Agro™ puts quality inspection technicians at your disposal to check if supplier is sorting, packing and loading products according to your purchasing order requirements and other quality standards. Also, during produce transport things happen. Our inspectors will be at discharge location to inform you if quality of your produce is intact or not and give you QC report.


We have solutions to deal with claims and disputes by investigating the nature of claims or revising quality surveys previously done then establish the facts. This is due to doubtful claims and quality issues of the transported fresh produce. With QC and Surveys reports you can efficiently and effectively support your clients and manage their claims with accurate  produce quality information. Our services will also support your company growth by minimizing expenses.


We work with lawyers and insurers in presenting facts in courts especially when fresh produce cargoes in disputes were under insurance. We support them through produce expert witness reports,  testimonies in courts or advisory to solve disputes amicably.


Quality Index Agro™ offers turnkey solutions to food processing companies; monitoring  the product quality from the farm to factory exit. We are talking companies processing fresh fruits, vegetables and companies turning high value crops into different forms for human consumption.   We are aware of challenges that may happen during harvesting, post harvesting, processing and during transport to the client without forgetting product recalling. Our industrial robust food safety  services to prevent foodborne and contamination to human health will include  complain investigation and expert witnesses, product traceability, recall plans and execution and complains management.


Quality Index Agro™ is a  reference of the sector in setting up, checking and auditing fresh coffee cherries  (including coffee green beans) and cocoa pods (including cocoa beans) harvesting quality systems and accompanies growers and traders of these crops in maximizing the profit. Like other high value crops, quality compliance for coffee and cocoa begins during harvesting and in  post-harvest phases, you cannot expect high income when quality in those phases has been ignored; your efforts to correct defects won’t change much.  

However, pursuing high income is not equal to degrade environment. Quality Index Agro™ provides nonparallel advisory in matching quality based high income approach to eco-friendly food processing practices.