17 Dec

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Hort Innovation – Pumpkin comprehensive review

Australian pumpkins: Volume sales decline while dollar sales grow

In the previous 52 week period, Australian pumpkins declined from a volume (kg) sales, where dollar ($) sales grew. Pumpkins saw volume sales decline by -6.3% & dollar sales grow +8.5%, where total vegetables sales saw volume & dollar sales at +0.7% & +4.3% respectively.

The price of pumpkins increased strongly as a rate well ahead of total vegetables, leading to fewer buying household who purchased less volume kg on average while spending more.

The decline in volume sales of pumpkins was driven by shoppers shifting their purchases to other crops, however this was exacerbated by the loss of pumpkin buyers & reduced purchases of continual pumpkin buyers.

Senior couples contribute a larger share of pumpkin sales than their contribution to total vegetables. Young transitionals growth in dollar sales for pumpkin far outperform their growth in total vegetables. Full reaport click here.