Quality Index Agro™ accompanies you in your produce business  and offers you versatile services within the sector.  Our services are also resourceful; meaning we have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome your possible difficulties either in production, quality and sales.

However, straightforwardly, count on us on the following personalized services:

  • Upon Arrival Quality Inspections: There might be produce damage, claims and other incidences ralated to produce in truck, container or air cargo on arrival.  Upon receiving your  request  our quality survey process is set up then our quality inspector minutiously checks the conditions of your produce. The report is produced the same day. This way, with QC report in your hands, you will be in the right position to  confidently manage claims with accurate informaiton on  level and economic value of waste and defend yourself against  baseless claims.

  • Pre-loading Quality Inspections: Fresh fruits and vegetables  quality control/survey or other specific produce during harvesting, packing and before loading (Quality Control in Origin). This is done in the supplier packaging warehouses or other platforms. This service is normally offered to wholesalers sourcing produce from different places and suppliers willing to build trust with their clients.

  • Advisory and training in post harvest handling and processing of produce to preserve quality, avoid losses and promote  nature-friendly fresh fruits and vegetables production practices.

  • Supply and Value Chain Market Advisory: resulting in 1. quality products, 2. informed pricing (price checks and market analysis) 3. wisely outsourcing shippers/packers services and  4,  increased portfolio of clients in your existing and new markets.

  • Identification and Qualification of Produce Growers: If you are looking for new suppliers or innovative products, count on us.  We just need to have products specifications to find for you not only reliable suppliers  but also  those who meet  market and quality requirements.

  • Identification of Commercial Partners and needs: This consists of a search for those potential commercial partners best adapted to the requirements of each company in a given market: importers, wholesalers, supermarkets, logistic firms  and other partners.

  • Uplifting our clients’ performances by advising them on optimizing their resources and improving production processes which contribute to overall competitiveness and achieving  established goals.

  • Overall food safety advisory,  crisis and risk   management/monitoring services.