Quality Index™ Agro accompanies you in your fresh produce business  and offers you versatile services within the sector.  Our services are also resourceful; meaning we have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

However, straightforwardly, count on us on the following:

  • Upon arrival of your truck, container or airfreight in destination  there might be claim or not from your client (consignee).  Our quality surveyor goes there upon receiving your  service inquiry and minutiously checks the conditions of your produce. The report is produced the same day or the next day if it’s done late. This way  you will be in the right position to consider final price/payment adjustments or any other decision regarding your fresh produce.

  • Fresh produce ( fruits and vegetables) quality assessment/survey during harvesting, packing and before loading (commonlyu called QC in origin) mainly respecting your Purchase Requirements; Quality Standard, Terms and Conditions.  This is done rigth in the supplier packaging installation or a similar platform.